Safetum Develops a New Safety Concept

Safetum, located at the Technopolis Ruoholahti campus, is a fast growing company, which offers fresh ideas for real estate safety.

Safetum Oy had been operating in Ruoholahti for two years but soon became aware that the original office was too small. Relocating from Hiilikatu to Energiakuja was, however, completely painless, and there were no disruptions to the company’s business.

Rescue guards guarantee safety

Safetum CEO Tuomas Jurvelin would like to clarify the distinction between the terms ‘security’ and ‘safety’.

“Security usually refers to security services for buildings and companies using guards, but comprehensive safety services also cover numerous other issues,” explains Jurvelin. “For us, safety means risk management, with the focus on prevention. We are not a security company nor do we sell any devices.”

“We ensure that buildings are safe, we minimize risks and train people who use the buildings so that they know how to react if anything goes wrong. This results in very few accidents and minimum damages when something does happen.”

Safetum has developed the concept ‘rescue guard’. This official-sounding title has nothing to do with standard security and rescue services as organized by the authorities. Rescue guards visit properties and draw up a rescue plan if necessary, and most importantly, they check that the plans are adhered to.

Great cost-efficiency with electronic tools

“What we offer is specialist services,” says Jurvelin. “Our operations are cost-efficient and profitable thanks to our online service, which allows us to manage and revise rescue and hot work plans easily and precisely. By paying a few hundred Euros a year, our customers can stay safe and control potential risks.”

Safetum’s rescue guards create a rescue plan using the online service, which is then accessible on a browser. However, the most important feature of the service is the regular inspections. They are carried out every year in order to ensure that all statutory policies are observed; for example, fire doors are in working order and passages to exits are clear. An operational plan and practicable procedures increase safety and add to the property’s image and value.

“We will carry out around 2,000 inspections in different kinds of properties this year,” estimates Jurvelin. “This provides us with some unique statistics that we can use for assessing the safety status of various types of sites. For instance, we are often told that everything is in order in a residential building as long as there is a statutory rescue plan in place, but the reality is often quite different. This gives a false sense of security, which can be dangerous.”

Safetum recommends Technopolis

According to Jurvelin, Safetum is extremely happy with their offices at Technopolis. The company has been able to expand as the business and number of employees have increased.

Jurvelin says that it usually takes a lot of time and effort to find and view new premises and then move the company. There are numerous properties on the market but many of them are old and in less than perfect condition. There may be problems with the indoor air quality, and at worst, this may expose employees to the risk of illness.

Technopolis provides Safetum with functional and efficient premises in a new building, which is properly maintained. It offers a number of additional services, and the restaurants and meeting rooms, great location and easy parking, among many other features, make it a great place to work.

“Everyone has the right to work in a comfortable and safe environment; it is a simple fact. This is essential for people’s well-being and efficiency. I can warmly recommend Technopolis to everyone,” says Jurvelin.

Safetum CEO Tuomas Jurvelin (left) and CFO MikaSafetum_pelastusvalvojat310x230.png Jurvelin praise the Technopolis premises for their functionality and flexibility.

Safetum’s rescue guards are very happy with the
easy access to the Technopolis parking lot. From left: rescue guards Niko Ikonen and Minna Rintoo with COO Teemu Kajava checking the day’s program before heading out.