Take advantage of the services and benefits of My Technopolis

uusi_mytechnopolis_palvelukanava.jpgMyTechnopolis is a versatile, free service channel offered by Technopolis to its customer companies and its staff. The channel is continuously developing. Since the launch you have been able to make conference reservations quickly and in real time all the way to invoicing.

The service has been added with some new applications. After the latest update you are able to:

  • Submit service requests and give feedback to Technopolis and tracking their progress
  • Order and manage ICT services (such as data connections, switchboard service, office ICT tools)
  • Easy and cost-efficient purchase of computers, tablets, phones, and other office tools
  • Group- and location-specific additional information about our various services and practices at different properties
  • Extensive printing services with the MyTechnopolis card
  • The latest benefits of the Eazy4U-services offered by Technopolis and their benefits for employees

Happy MyTechnopolis users

Sirkka Saarela from Kuopio Innovation Ltd has been using MyTechnopolis to reserve meeting rooms and submitted service requests. – The reservations system is easy to use. You are able to make a reservation quickly and you get an immediate confirmation.Also the changes and cancellations are easy to take care of. It is great that I am able to make a service request using this channel. The response comes quickly and the system allows me to to follow up the progress, says Sirkka Saarela.

Katri Saarela from Open Innovation Management Ltd explains the easiness of TP print service: – The printing service allows you to have a printer in a fast, efficient and versatile manner with low cost. The service is secure to use, since the authentications takes place by using MyTechnopolis chip card. Also scanning is easy and fast. You can also print in any Technopolis facilities around Finland without any installations to your computer. Also the buying and installing color refills are now history”, says pleased  Katri Saarinen.

For more details on applying for the MyTechnopolis card and credentials, see my.technopolis.fi