Take care of your work stations with TP IT Support

Are your work stations up to date? If you need help with IT issues, who do you contact? Let us take care of your work stations with TP IT Support. We will make sure that your work stations are up-to-date and secure to use. Also we are offering flexible and scalable help desk service for you.

Scalable service

Our service partner Enfo offers flexible resources for small, middle-sized and big companies. Invoicing is based on the amount of work stations attached to the service and to the amount of service requests made by your company. We start the service with a survey for tailoring the service instruction  for your company. Enfo serves your company by following this instruction.

You will get help when you need it – for example when your company is growing. And you won’t pay for nothing when everything works well.

Excellent price-quality relationship

We are providing this service for all Technopolis customers. You will get the service level of a large company but you will pay only for your own needs according to your own size.

  • Starting survey: approximately 1000 euros, according to the amount of your work station and your needs
  • Fixed monthly fee: 20 euros / month / work station
  • Service request: starting from 32 euros / piece (request solved remotely, maximum solving time 30 minutes)

Please read the service description and detailed price list in MyTechnopolis.

How to get started:

  • Log in to MyTechnopolis: https://my.technopolis.fi
    If you don’t have user name yet, ask it at info@technopolis.fi
  • Choose ICT Services
    If you don’t see ICT Services button, you can activate it by sending a request from New service > ICT Services
  • You will get user rights next day
  • Choose TP IT Support
  • Order the service or leave a contact request

To find out more, send an e-mail: Salla Brunou,  salla.brunou@technopolis.fi