Technopolis ♥ customers

At Technopolis, we have a five star thinking and ideology in everything we do. When our customers feel it, we have succeeded.


It´s all about delivering superior customer experience – every single moment. We KeithSilverang_thumb.pngwant to be close to our customers and know how they are doing so that we can serve them better. That´s why as part of our unique concept we, unlike the competition, have our own sales staff and receptionists, who are in contact with customers every day. As part of Technopolis way of doing things, we pride ourselves in how we measure and improve our services and processes – You can’t manage what you can’t measure. That’s why we use various surveys and even new technologies to map our level of service. At the end of the day, the service attitude is something our competitors cannot replicate and something we are extremely proud of. All this is done that you, our customer, would feel like home at Technopolis, says Keith Silverang, the CEO of Technopolis.

All the measures to measure

We use various ways and techniques to measure customer experience in our different services. We have noticed that there is not only a one solution that would work for all services. By choice the feedback nees to be received in the service situation and if something has failed in the process, it could be repaired immediately. All of Technopolis staff and service partners, like cleaners and maintenance personnel have customer service in their targets.   

Results of 2013

We have had the same questions now for 3 years, so we have history data where to compare. The response rate is high – each area over 50 % of desicion makers and practical contact persons respond to our online survey once a year.

In all of the surveys all of the categories have been rising each year. In the year 2013 the decision makers gave the best score on the location of Technopolis campuses. 80 % of the respondents would recommend Technopolis to other companies. If we compare all Technopolis cities, the happiest customers are in St.Petersburg, Jyväskylä and Capital Area.  The average value of all 7 questions in the decision maker survey in 2013 was 3,78. See the picture below.

The open question charts the strengths of Technopolis, which our customers say, are functional space and service concept, location, customer oriented service and one stop shop – thinking. Things that could be developed include insufficient parking places, restaurants, price level and more tailor made services.

All of the results of practical contact person surveys have been rising year by year. The best results was given to our reception service and Technopolis staff. The average value of all questions in 2013 was 3,992.

Even better results and procedures in year 2014

This year we are improving our surveys and techniques even more. The questions and reports will be developed so that they will give us answers both in strategic and operational level. We start to measure importance, which helps us to prioritize. We also want to expand the surveys to all of the employees of our customer companies.

We thank you for your cooperation and continue actively give us feedback!

♥♥♥ Happy Valentine´s Day!