Technopolis makes it easy to find partners!

Attentio Solutions moved to Technopolis Innopoli in Espoo in the end of last year. The previous premises were old, and there were no proper services and most of all – no neighbors or life. That kind of environment is not very inspiring.


The core business of Attentio Solutions is managing the chain of delivery. Customers are mostly companies who need industrial components and want to buy or produce these mainly in Asia. Customers are mainly companies who need industrial components. The company employs 8 people in Europe and 40 in China. “Our office in Ningbo China is very important, since they can negotiate the best prices from the factories and control the quality of projects. The way of doing business in China varies from other countries, because a Chinese intermediary is a must in order to get the best possible result”, says Ville Rajala, the Country Director of Finland. He continues, “20 years of experience has shown us that the myths and beliefs towards China are not true. For example the Chinese products are usually manufactured with lower costs and they are made exactly according to instructions. A detailed  specification and local quality control play an important role.”

Technopolis has a good concept


“It is important to us that we have functional facilities with easy accessible services. We have been satisfied at Technopolis, because their concept allows us to focus on our core business. For example the event idea of Technopolis, Know your Neighbour, has proven to be very successful in our case”, Also the  Reception Service is the most important service for us. We have been very pleased with it, since we received and send a lot of samples. The Receptionist are always friendly and helpful”, mentions Rajala.

Neighbors as partners

Attentio Solutions have been developing their own software, where all of the project management is in one internet-based system. “ We have not found a similar system, which would allow all the important issues and documents of ordering to be in one place. We decided to develop the software on our own, and found three partners from the same corridor to be involved in the project. From Innopoli we have also found an account, a supplier and valuable contacts in China from the employees of neighbor companies”, lists Ville Rajala.