Technopolis Best Nordic Company in GRESB Benchmark

A first-time participant in the GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) survey, Technopolis scored the highest total points of all Nordic property companies in the office category. With a total score of 76, Technopolis was awarded the Green Star status. When benchmarked against its Nordic peers, Technopolis scored highest in a number of survey aspects, such as Policy & Disclosure, Risks & Opportunities, Monitoring & EMS, and Management & Policy. 

In terms of total score, Technopolis ranked fourth of the 39 FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Europe Index companies that participated. Of all the 326 European companies included in the survey, Technopolis ranked 13th. The survey covered 637 companies and funds with a global portfolio of 56,000 buildings in total.

“Being a first-time participant, we were positively surprised to find out we had performed so well,” says Virve Valonen, Concept Development and Sustainability Manager at Technopolis. “But we are, of course, very pleased to be recognized for our determined efforts to improve sustainability, transparency and reporting.”

In 2013, Technopolis achieved five LEED building ratings, and our office in Estonia was the first in the country to receive the Green Office label. In 2014, Technopolis has achieved five new LEED certifications and launched two new construction projects that will seek LEED certification.

“We have an excellent team in sustainability reporting, and company management and stakeholders show a growing interest in the work we do to promote sustainability. Our joint efforts and input reflect on the results,” Valonen concludes.

More information:
Virve Valonen
Concept Development & Sustainability Manager