Technopolis Introduces a New Network Solution that Fulfills the Needs of Modern Work

What if you could use your company’s wireless network not only in your office, but also in all Technopolis premises regardless of what building or city you are working from? What if you wouldn’t have to worry about whether your guests have high-speed Internet access? Are you tired of investing regularly in your own network devices and looking for the best service providers?

In some occasions, you need to change the wireless network even within the same premises. And, if you’re working remotely, finding a well-functioning network can be nerve-wracking. We decided to create an all-encompassing network solution, as we wanted to respond to the needs of our clients whose work is not tied to any specific location.

Technology is developing rapidly – fewer and fewer work in their own workrooms doors shut. However, services that are essential for knowledge workers are not always tailored to the needs of modern work.

Scalability and Network Security

Most network solutions in the market have been designed for individual companies. Technopolis is the first in Finland to provide telecommunications for multi-client environment designed for company use.

The solution adapts according to the size and needs of the company; it is built according to the latest network security requirements and is completely fault-tolerant. Our solution doesn’t require any investments of your own.

The new wireless network service will expand to all Technopolis campuses in Finland, as well as to UMA workspaces during 2017. The service will become available in the beginning of autumn in the Helsinki metropolitan area and in Oulu, which are the first premises to adopt the solution. Thus, remote workers will soon have access to the same network both in Helsinki and Oulu.

“The solution is one of a kind”, says Minna Kemppainen, Concept Manager at Technopolis. “Some companies have had similar solutions in use already earlier, but there isn’t anything similar implemented in multi-client environment, especially on such a large scale.”

In addition to smooth mobility and high network security standards, we focused on the user experience. “Our goal is to make the service as simple as possible, so that you won’t even think about it”, Kemppainen says.