Technopolis Kuopio has seen strong growth, internationalization, and diversification. This path of growth began back in the late 1990s with the courageous and even risky investment decisions made by the then-operators and decision-makers. There was a shortage of jobs, it was necessary to look for something new. Back then they were already aiming to utilize the university’s expertise and specialists for business. It was a good idea and planted the seeds of a growth story.

Kuopio_havainnekuva.jpgAs a result of approximately 15 years of construction and development, Technopolis Kuopio has emerged as a strong cluster of expertise-intensive and other businesses that can also compete internationally. Our customers, the University of Eastern Finland and Savonia University of Applied Sciences, have become excellent sources of skilled specialists in Finland. Nowadays, students and the education sector support the development and growth of businesses in our premises.

The number of companies in the Technopolis Kuopio Microkatu and Viestikatu campuses, which are within sight of each other, has multiplied, the companies have grown strongly and international success stories have emerged. Technopolis, Kuopio Innovation, the University of Eastern Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, the University Hospital, more than 200 companies and other parties in the area know how to work together. To us, networking and taking advantage of networks help our success. Everything is easier together than alone.

Technopolis Viestikatu takes shape

The newest Technopolis Kuopio campus is Viestikatu, comprised of three modern properties. Viestikatu’s excellent location, good traffic connections and modern premises with services already offer an excellent setting for more than 50 companies.

Construction phases B and C of Technopolis’ newest property were completed for rental use in February 2013, and they are full apart, from a few small spaces. There are currently some 20 companies operating in the property. The premises also house Technopolis’ and Kuopio Innovation Ltd’s Startup Center for new businesses. Phases B and C of Viestikatu 7 have LEED Core & Shell Gold certification. LEED Core & Shell is an internationally known environmental classification system that reviews the ecological aspects of the design and construction of new construction projects.

The existing premises, of approximately 12,000 sqm, will take final shape when a 16-story office building – also approx. 12,000 sqm – is completed next to construction phase A. The design of the tower is already underway and it is due for completion in January 2015.

More information:

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Director, Technopolis Kuopio operations
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