Technopolis participated in Earth Hour on 29.3.2014

Exterior lights went off in most Technopolis buildings on Saturday 29.3. at 20.30-21.30 Finnish time to save energy and to show commitment to climate acts. Technopolis participated in Earth Hour, organized annually by WWF. The event travels across the planet in 24 hours, starting from Fidži and New Zealand, ten hours before Finland, and ending up finally at Samoa, 13 hours after Finland.

Originally, Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia wearth_hour_thumb.pnghen 2.2 million individuals and more than 2,000 businesses turned their lights off for one hour to take a stand against climate change. This year, Earth Hour was celebrated in over 150 countries and territories and 7000 towns and cities to send the message that our combined efforts are needed to change our future to one that is sustainable. In addition, numerous monuments, landmarks and stadiums across the world switched off their lights. This year’s success was once again supported by the increasing use of social media.

This year Earth Hour focused especially the situation of artic areas, where climate change effects the most. Arctic species, such as the polar bear, arctic fox and walrus, cannot survive without ice and snow. Situation of the arctic areas can still be influenced and there is a solution. The replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy is the most significant solution of the climate crisis

Tips for post Earth Hour activities:

  • Switch off lights after office hours or when leaving a room (or use motion sensors and office hour time controls)
  • Use lights only when needed during daytime
  • Use energy efficient lamps and equipment
  • Use renewable energy (Technopolis provides 100% green electricity on its Finnish campuses)