Technopolis Promotes Eco-friendly Transportation

Sustainable development is one of the fundamental principles of all Technopolis operations, and in terms of transportation, this means that we promote the use of public transportation, bicycles, and electric cars.

Cycling holds a special place in Technopolis operations in many ways. It is not only emission-free but it also improves cyclists’ physical and mental health while being an economical means of mobility. The company’s CEO and many other staff members are keen cyclists.

Bicycle Parking and Maintenance Points

All newly constructed Technopolis offices have plenty of parking space for Bfix_huoltopiste_small.jpgbicycles and shower rooms for cyclists. A number of the campuses already meet Technopolis’ high standards, and these areas are in design stage on our other sites. Bicycle racks are located near the entrances and the shower rooms are also easy to access.

We have paid particular attention to the signage in the bicycle rack areas, and we installed a maintenance point for bicycles at Innopoli in Espoo as a test. There is a Bfix stand for small maintenance jobs, which features the ten tools most often needed in repairing bicycles, connected to the stand with steel cable, as well as an integrated foot-operated pump. How easy is that!

The staff are holding a competition to see who does the most kilometers by bike, and at the moment there are teams in the Helsinki area and Tampere. All employees of our clients are welcome to join the competition.

Public Transportation

Using public transportation is made easier with commute plans; in the Helsinki area, this was implemented in collaboration with HSL. Some campuses have screens in their lobbies showing public transportation timetables, and the St. Petersburg campus provides a bus service to downtown.

Charging Points for Electric Cars


There are only just over a thousand electric cars in Finland at the moment but their number is growing fast. By comparison, there are already more than 50,000 electric cars in Norway. As electric cars require charging more freq

uently than cars running on liquid fuel, Technopolis has decided to install more charging points on its various campuses.

The Oslo campus and a few other campuses already have charging points, and the 2015 program includes installing new points and updating old ones at a number of our other campuses.sahkoauto170x113.jpg

Most electric cars cannot be charged from a standard wall socket. A purpose-built charging point exchanges information with the charging system in the car to ensure the optimal level of charging.

The charging points at Technopolis campuses are suitable for all types of electric cars, and they guarantee safe and easy charging.