Technopolis’ Range of Premises in Tampere City Center Is Broadening

The state-of-the-art Technopolis Yliopistonrinne campus in the city center of Tampere has been full to capacity for a long time. Two new buildings will be completed in June 2016, providing more space and an inspiring working environment for hundreds of people.

Technopolis has four campuses in Tampere. The Yliopistonrinne campus was built in the 2010’s and it meets the highest of standards; its location in the heart of Tampere’s business hub has also made it a valued environment for companies of all sizes.

Technopolis Meets a Demand

“Around 11 percent of all office space in Tampere is vacant, while here at the Tampere Technopolis campuses, only three or four percent of the space is empty,” says Henri Rantalainen, Head of Sales at Technopolis.

Another proof of Technopolis Yliopistonrinne’s popularity is the fact that of the net area of 18,000 square meters, only one office, around 100 square meters, is vacant. The new 10,000 square meters, to be completed in the summer, will fix the situation.

Centralized Support for Entrepreneurs

“The new parts of the Yliopistonrinne campus will be different from our other premises in Tampere,” Rantalainen explains.

“Firstly, a number of companies that offer support for entrepreneurs will move into Building C; these include Finnvera, Finpro, Tekes, Pirkanmaa Business Mentors, Ensimetri, OP business bank and Pohjola as well as the TE services for businesses. For example, the Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which offers support services for companies targeting international markets, is also located in Yliopistonrinne.  These all used to operate at different locations.

“An entrepreneur simply visits one place, tells their story, and we gather a team from the partners located in the building to support the entrepreneur. The partners will be able to use an entire floor and several meeting rooms in the building. Finnvera also has a large cafe there, where all the authorities can meet up and collaborate.”

More than 50 Small High Quality Offices

The new buildings at the Yliopistonrinne campus are separate but they form a single entity. The new C and D buildings are joined by ‘sky walk’ corridors on every floor, covering more than 1,700 square meters in total.

After the two buildings are completed in June, there will be more than 50 offices for small teams of 1 to 12 people. These are supplemented by common spaces, meeting rooms, telephone corners and other facilities. Even small companies will have access to the services and stylish premises of a large business. The small offices house not only new companies, but also businesses such as sales offices of large well-known brands.

An Even Larger Conference Center

“More than 2,000 meetings were held at the Yliopistonrinne premises last year,” says Rantalainen. “A lot of Tampere’s business happens here. The new premises will include a new conference center, which will bring the number of meeting rooms to almost 40, and the number of participants can vary from four to 150. There will also be an elegant VIP space for 60 people.”

“Some of our customers no longer have their own meeting rooms. The Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for example, has no meetings rooms, but they use the campus restaurant and the communal meeting rooms for all their meetings. Our campus offers numerous shared spaces such as a restaurant and cafe, which are open for everyone. If companies choose to use the actual meeting rooms, they only pay for the hours they use them.”

Spaces that Meet Our Customers’ Requirements

The way we work is changing. Many professionals spend more time working outside the traditional office environment. Technopolis’ first coworking space opened in Tampere already in 2010. The idea is to offer flexible space for mobile professionals. The most notable of these spaces will be UMA Esplanadi to be opened in the center of Helsinki this spring.

Yliopistonrinne will naturally have its own UMA workspace, which will offer a flexible environment for a variety of tasks. In addition to desks, chairs and internet connections, there will be couches, small meeting rooms, telephone corners and all other necessary facilities.

“If a customer has an office at Technopolis, they should take advantage of the spaces on our other campuses when they are on the move,” says Rantalainen. “Our customers can use meeting rooms at a discounted price as well as our comprehensive services, and all charges are included on one invoice. Thanks to our service model, Yliopistonrinne is an ideal base in Tampere for companies located in other towns.”

“We are constantly considering what else our customers might need and how we could serve them better. Here at Yliopistonrinne we are taking another step forward.”