Technopolis Restaurants – More Than Food

Technopolis wants to develop its services in accordance with what its customers want and utilize the public premises for a variety of uses. Restaurant Hehku at Technopolis Innopolis was the first to transform. The restaurant was given a completely new look, and customers now have an expanded dining room and new AV equipment.


“The restaurant takes up a large part of our premises and was only being used at lunchtime. We wanted to bring life to the restaurant outside these hours, as well. The restaurant can be used by all of our customers easily at any time without having to make a reservation,” says Laura Krusius, who headed the reform of the restaurant concept.      

Both the furniture and the design of the space were renewed. The checkout counter, payment and catering fixtures were designed to make the experience as comfortable as possible. The dining room has booths for easy meetings, for example. They are also equipped with monitors so you can hook up a computer and give your team or a customer a brief presentation during lunch. The reform also promotes networking, as all our customers can share the large facility and bring life to it.     

Food all day long 

“Nowadays, consumers want different things, and people have differIP1_small.jpgent food and dining habits. Some people want to eat a little at a time several times a day, or their days may vary so much that they don’t have a specific lunch time. One trend across the world is customers wanting better service. They want to see the ingredients of their food and how it is prepared, and they want it to be displayed beautifully. Our grill offers grilled meals daily or, say, both a warm salad and grilled food,” Laura Krusius says.

The lunch menu includes both all-time favorite foods and as wide a range of new delicacies as possible to cater for a variety of tastes. The afternoon grill serves food after lunch, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. You can place your order at the cafeteria and the chef will serve the chosen dish at the table. The menu includes burgers, warm salads, and toasts. The cafeteria also offers a Mediterranean tapas plate for snacking, a perfect choice for a meeting in the cafeteria booths. These booths, too, have monitors for displaying presentations that customers can use.