Technopolis Tampere Passed Green Office Follow-Up Inspection

Technopolis’ Tampere office became the first Technopolis office to pass the Green Office follow-up inspection. Developed and maintained by WWF Finland, Green Office is an environmental management system aimed at reducing office’s environmental impact.  The follow-up inspection, taking place every three years after the rights to the Green Office label have been granted, ensures that the office continues to develop its operations to reduce its carbon footprint and to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions.

Technopolis Tampere became a Green Office originally already in 2010, and encouraged by the example set by Tampere the other Technopolis offices in Finland have since also applied for and attained the Green Office label. When Technopolis Ülemiste, which in January became the first office in Estonia to receive the rights to the label, is included Technopolis now has ten Green Office certified offices in total. The Green Office projects are part of Technopolis’ environmental strategy for 2011-2016.

Even though Technopolis Tampere is an old hand at the Green Office field its personnel still continues to show particular interest in green themes. Over the course of this year Technopolis Tampere has for example taken part in the cycling competition Kilometrikisa and organized a recreational trip to a nearby nature trail. Green issues are also taken into consideration in day-to-day work by promoting and favouring sustainable working methods.

Technopolis wishes to support the green projects of its customers as wvideo2.jpgell. For example the video conferencing services and business lounge workstations, available in many campuses, save not only time and money but reduce environmental impact caused by travel as well. The services provided by Technopolis restaurant operators as well as those by the cleaning and property management partners are implemented according to environmental and quality plans. Environmentally-labeled office paper and green electricity from 100 % renewable energy sources, which are both offered in all Technopolis’ campuses in Finland, support customers when they for example decide to pursue a Green Office label of their own.