Make it easy for your company – benefit from our concept of ICT Ready office

Technopolis Service provides you with all the essential products and services for the ict needs of your office.


Work online, secure your work with the LAN firewall, take advantage of VPN service while working remotely. Print, scan and copy with Technopolis multifunction printing devices. Let us answer the phone for you while you are engaged.

TP Connect, TP Connect Firewall and – VPN-services, TP Print and TP Callcare keeps your daily office life running.


Purchase devices and let your work station and helpdesk requests be handled by us. Take advantage of device e-shop and outsource the workstation controlling and problemsolving.

TP eShop and TP IT-support helps your company growth issues and eases situations of change.


Control personnel data, record project hours, save information to cloud service and enhance teamwork.  Or let us let us handle your data administration comprehensively.

TP HR-system, TP Time Registration, TP Collaboration and TP ICT-management enhances your time management and helps you concentrate on your core business.  

Do as follows:

– Start using My Technopolis service channel

– Choose New Service > ICT-services. User right will be updated within 24 hours.

– Get to know the service descriptions and pricing and order your services

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