Terribly Sweet Everyday Life

When talking about everyday life, a variety of things come to mind: the daily routine, waking up early in the morning, the inevitable rush, work, everyday things, important things, hobbies, tidying up, family, safety and warmth. There is a lot of talk about balance in life and being balanced as a requirement for wellbeing, good everyday life and coping with life. By balancing one’s family life, work and free time and of course friends, every one of us can make our everyday lives better – at times, even a celebration.

People who feel good are also the foundation of a successful business, regardless of what line it is in. Which is why we want to promote the wellbeing of the Technopolis community, including everyone working at our campuses. So we are offering a new service that focuses on our needs as private individuals.

“Take a look at it, try it out, give us feedback and feel free to suggest ideas for developing the service. We are listening with a keen ear,” says Director Karita Huotari.


Services near you

The new Eazy 4U concept is based on having a wider range of services and benefits close to hand, and discounts for employees of companies operating at Technopolis. The Eazy 4U service offers a variety of everyday services in cooperation with dozens of service providers. The services vary by location. The range includes hairdressing, fitness, massage, car rental, childcare and restaurant services, among others.

In addition to making everyday life easier, Eazy 4U offers services that promote wellbeing. you don’t have to travel a long way to use them. For example, changing tires during the workday, leaving your laundry with the Technopolis reception service or exercising immediately after your workday at the gym next to your workplace make your daily schedules easier,” says Product Manager Milja Rautiainen.

Eazy 4U benefits are here again

The benefits and discounts are mainly campaign-specific and, depending on the service, they may be local or available at all locations. All valid benefits and discounts can be found conveniently on the Eazy 4U website and mobile channel, as well as on the MyTechnopolis service channel. You can also subscribe to receive information about the benefits in an email newsletter or follow them on the Eazy 4U Facebook page.

“We are aiming to explain the services, benefits, and discounts through many channels. The messages for private individuals can be identified by the green icon,” Rautiainen says.

In order to use the customer benefits, you must identify yourself as an employee of a Technopolis customer by presenting the MyTechnopolis chip card or the mobile phone application.

Customers have shown great interest in the new service. Thousands of people visited the Eazy 4U website immediately after the service was launched.

For more information, see www.technopolis.fi/eazy4U

Karita Huotari, Head of Services for Employees
Milja Rautiainen, Product Manager, Services for Employees