Translatum Makes the Most of Technopolis Events

The translation agency Translatum has offices on Technopolis campuses in Helsinki, Tampere and Tallinn. The numerous events organized by Technopolis have proven to be great places for the company to network and find new customers.

Translatum is one of the largest translation agencies in Finland. It carries out more than 7,000 translation projects every year, mostly with topics related to technology. A number of its customers are large companies, and the connection to many of them was made at Technopolis events.

Technology and industry-specific expertise

A translation project is a process with a number of phases, and both technology and skilled people are needed to carry it out. Most members of the Translatum team in Finland are Finns, and the most common language pair is Finnish and English. In Tallinn, Estonian and Russian are added to this selection.

Translatum outsources translations to and from the less often requested languages to its contacts all over the world. Industry-specific expertise is essential as the idioms and terminology used in the legal and medical sectors and the aviation industry, for example, vary considerably.

Automatic operations are required in a number of phases in the translation process. Sometimes even a machine translation can be useful if, for example, a simple gist translation is required of a thick pile of documents. Grammar and style are not that relevant in this case.

Translatum usually uses technology even at the quoting phase. Upload a file for translation to the Translatum service, and a quote will be sent to you within a matter of seconds. If you choose to accept the quote, the job is transferred first to a project manager and then to a translator. Approximately one third of Translatum’s turnover comes from jobs that arrive through this online service.

Technopolis is a great place for Translatum

“The business started almost by accident in the late 1990s,” says Translatum’s Translatum310x230.jpgowner, Risto Kuosmanen. “My sister is a translator and I helped her to find new customers. It wasn’t long before a few more translators got in touch with me and it all turned into a business. At the start of the 2000s only two of us worked here, and now we employ about 15 people. Most of the translators, though, have their own companies, and they work as our partners. ”

“Technopolis is a good environment for us, and all our offices are now located on Technopolis campuses. We used to have our own offices, and we can see a huge difference. Here we don’t need to worry about anything that isn’t directly related to our business. All you have to do is to come to work in the morning. Security, cleaning and everything else is taken care of. I don’t even remember that these issues need to be looked after.”

Translatum_respa_230.jpg“And the lobby service is fantastic!” If you ever have a problem, they deal with it. Sometimes I think I don’t even need to open my mouth – the lobby staff knows what I need anyway.”

Risto Kuosmanen actively takes part in Technopolis events, frequently in the audience but often also as a speaker. He finds the events interesting and rewarding. There is always an opportunity to network with the other participants at the events.

“I always hand out a few business cards and make new contacts,” says Kuosmanen, clearly happy with the opportunities to network. “There are usually some Technopolis customers as well as other companies present at these events. Some of them turn into customers or suppliers. I don’t even consider this as selling; the contacts are made spontaneously.”

Technopolis encourages interaction

“Many companies arrange coffee mornings and other seminars. These often seem to focus on gaining knowledge, and the aim is not to introduce participants to each other,” says Technopolis’ Events Manager Minna Käenniemi. “Here at Technopolis we always want to encourage networking.”

“Why do we do this? For us, this is one way of standing out and a means to offer more than square meters. We want to offer our customers inspiration. We want them to meet customers, partners, investors, employees, new faces. The better our customers do, the better we do. That’s why.”

Business Breakfasts is one example of the events regularly organized by Technopolis. Technopolis Business Breakfast is a fast-paced two-hour event for early risers. It combines networking, breakfast and specialist comments on current topics.

The events held on Technopolis sites offer visions and experiences to entrepreneurs, managers and specialists who want to make more money with their expertise and shake up established practices in their organizations.  Technopolis Business Breakfasts are open to everyone and free of charge.

“Five countries, 12 cities, 50 breakfasts every year with 2,000 guests each year,” enthuses Käenniemi. “If possible, we seat people in groups of tables, and at some events we ensure that people from the same company are seated at different tables. Participants like this and they are quick get to know each other. I feel privileged to be arranging these events. This is a real vantage point.”