Video Conferencing Saves Time and Makes Your Meeting More Efficient

Technopolis offers video conferencing facilities and technologies in all its locations and for all companies.

Video conferencing saves your time and money. Forget unnecessary travelling – try out video conferencing now – free of charge! We offer the service in all 12 districts. Book free 1–2h conference from as many Technopolis districts as you want!

Video conferences have been held for years, but they are not as widely spread as you would expect considering how efficient they are. People still spend a lot of time, money and resources on travelling around the world for meetings.

Meeting in Oulu or Stockholm

Imagine that you are going to a regular meeting that is being held at the head office, once again. Your alarm is set for 4:30 am as you need to be at the airport at least an hour before your flight departs. There’s congestion and queues on the ringroad – the same old roadworks – and an even worse queue at the security check.

You squeeze yourself into your seat but manage to relax for a while, until you have to go through the same rigmarole at the other end. You just about make it to the office for nine, when the meeting is supposed to start. Some people are there, but you still need to wait for the others. You have a cup of coffee while exchanging the latest news. The meeting finally starts.

After the meeting you have lunch and then a chat with a colleague, which you could have done on the phone just as easily. Then you leave for the airport again. The flight is overbooked but you manage to get a seat. It is almost eight in the evening by the time you get back home. Does this sound familiar? The same meeting using video conferencing:

It has been agreed that the meeting will start at 9:00 am and will last for an hour and a half. You leave your desk at ten to nine to make sure you are on time. Everyone is ready and the meeting starts at 9 o’clock sharp. The items on the agenda are handled efficiently, and by 10:30 am everything has been discussed and agreed on. You are back at your desk by 10:35, you check through your notes and you then have lunch with whoever you choose.

Audio, video, facial expressions and emotions

We have Skype, Lync and FaceTime. Why do we need video conferencing? Experience tells us that people seldom use the video facility on Lync, the video quality in Skype is not great, and FaceTime only works on Apple devices. Telephone screens are so very small. And you’d need to learn how to use these apps…

Technopolis video conferencing rooms have large, high-resolution screens. You can use another screen if you want to supplement your presentation with a PowerPoint slideshow or Excel spreadsheet from your computer. The telepresence rooms at the Espoo and Oulu sites take it all a step further: it feels like the other participants are sitting across the table; only the familiar handshake is missing. The high quality audio and video facilities ensure that you can see the other participants’ body language, and you can tell what they are thinking about, just like meeting face to face.

LSAB uses the Yliopistonrinne video conferencing facilities

LSAB is a Swedish supplier of tools, which offers tooling solutions with associated sharpening services to the wood and metal working industries. The company’s sites in Finland are located in Raisio and Kajaani. Product Manager Kasper Andresen works for the parent company. He keeps in touch with his colleagues around the Nordic countries from his office in Tampere.

“Video conferencing is an invaluable tool for me as it saves me from travelling so much,” says Andresen. “We have six or seven offices in Sweden, as well as offices in Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Russia. Our head office is in Gothenburg and flying there on a small plane is expensive. It takes a day to get there by car.

“Here in Tampere I sit opposite the Technopolis campus; I simply cross the railway bridge and I’m in a comfortable chair, ready to start a meeting. The other participants are usually from just one of our offices, but sometimes there are people from two or three offices. The meetings mostly concern internal communications.

Andresen thinks that video conferencing allows participants to see the other people’s gestures and expressions, and it is easy to make your point. You can also use another screen to show spreadsheets or other documents. With video conferencing, participants focus on the essentials and follow the agenda.

“It might be challenging to use video conferencing in negotiations with strangers, but it is a great tool among people who know each other, and it works really well in internal meetings. A video conference cannot replace actual meetings but it is often a good option,” thinks Andresen.

Efficient arrangements

If you travel to another city, expenses can easily exceed 500 euros when you take into account taxis and other costs. An employee’s daily allowance and other expenses make up a similar sum, if not more.

The Technopolis video systems are compatible with all major video systems, and connections are always tested in advance. The connection is launched before the start of the conference.

Kuopio Innovation Oy is based at the Technopolis premises in Kuopio. It is a business developer that opens up new opportunities for innovative companies by combining ideas, experts and new ways of thinking. The City of Kuopio is its biggest shareholder. Office Secretary Sirkka Saarela is in charge of booking meeting facilities for the company at Technopolis.

“We arrange a couple of video conferences every month. The participating offices are mainly located in Finland,” says Saarela. “I usually book the facilities with Teija Mbura, and I have to say she really knows her job. Teija always tests the connections before the meeting, which is very important for us. If necessary, she checks and double-checks the other participant’s contact details to make sure that the connection is working.”

Why not try video conferencing?

Video conferencing is an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly means to arrange a meeting in several locations at the same time. Participants can be anywhere in the world, and Technopolis also rents out video conferencing facilities, as well as other meeting rooms, to companies that are not Technopolis customers.

As companies seem to have reservations about using video conferencing, Technopolis wants to make it easier. Our new campaign allows our customers to try our video conferencing facilities for free.

video2_170x113.jpgWhen you arrange a meeting in the telepresence room at Espoo Technopolis, it feels like you are sitting opposite your colleagues in the same room. Even the smallest gestures are transmitted clearly – the only thing missing is physical contact.