When OK is not good enough

I’m passionate about service. I can’t help it. People think of me as a “difficult” customer – and for good reason. I do not settle for poor service, even though people who complain are often silenced by denial or excuses. “No one else has complained…” It’s like giving someone the finger. On the other hand, when I am satisfied, I concentrate my purchases and am loyal.

The theme of this issue of Technopolis News is service design, which is part of our strategy. Technopolis is better than average. Our service is not good enough – there is still a long way to go. However, I cannot stop until even difficult people think that we are really great – continuously, consistently, and internationally. We do well because our competitors are so much worse. But that isn’t enough for me. I want to crush the competition. I want them to have sleepless nights. I want to ruin their day. I want to… I guess you already get the idea.

Technopolis people’s own uncompromising service values are at the core of our service. Good service is not rocket science, but it is surprisingly difficult to replicate and implement. It has quite a lot to do with attitude, so we need to pay attention to that right from the recruitment phase. If the person’s attitude is in order, you can train them to give good service; but if their attitude is all screwed up, no amount of training will fix it. Ignorance is the worst thing from the point of view of service quality, but on the other hand, positive passion can also be actively spread through the organization.

Our slogan – More than squares – refers to our attitude. We stand out from our competitors by both owning and operating in our facilities, designing and developing the use of space for the changing needs of our customers. We do not have to beg an external owner for a permit or money for reforms, – we can decide on everything ourselves.

Because customers do not always know what to ask for, our task is to find out what they want, and proactively offer them better service. Customer experience is one of the incentives of our staff. We want to get actively involved even before the customer has moved in, and we build the service according to what our customers need and what they are aiming to achieve.

Moreover, we do not want to sell the customer even one square meter more space than they need – quite the opposite. If 8 sqm per employee is enough for the customer because they are ready to use the common service infrastructure of the campus, Technopolis will be able to fit more customers in the common multi-user environment. Everyone experiences increased efficiency and lower costs. This is our shared objective!

More than squares is not only a slogan. We want to tell our customers that our premises are not merely space, but also service. We believe that it is the overall service quality and overall service costs, not the price per square meter, that make or break the deal, for us and our customers.

Keith Silverang
CEO, Technopolis Oyj