Customer Stories

The translation agency Translatum has offices on Technopolis campuses in Helsinki, Tampere and Tallinn. The numerous events organized by Technopolis have proven to be great places for the company to network and find new customers.
The spread of international companies across the Baltic countries has significantly increased the demand for Technopolis services in Vilnius. Technopolis has in a very short space of time established its position in Lithuania, and has just made an investment decision that will involve extending the campus premises.
The people on helpdesk are talking on their headsets, software gurus are busy encoding in their individual-looking work places and managers are envisioning the future. The premises of the largest provider of Internet services in Estonia, Zone Media, are a real kingdom of encoders.
Perhaps the best-known information technology writer and trainer in Finland, Petteri Järvinen is practically a part of the fixtures at Innopoli 1. He has held base in this building since 1992 – almost from the day the building was finished.
Management Institute of Finland is an important client of Technopolis. They appreciate a partner with nationwide services who can handle all reservations through one channel.

Dress smart

Not yet inspired by smartwatches or clothes? In five to ten years, we may be wearing technology as naturally as we are currently checking the news on our phones.
Proact Finland, a leading storage integrator and cloud services enabler, has operated successfully at its premises in Technopolis for 15 years. During its time as a tenant, the company has made great progress.