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Technopolis.fi terms of use


The following terms of use (hereinafter “Terms of Use”) concern access rights to the web pages of Technopolis Plc and its subsidiaries (hereinafter “Technopolis”) in Finland. Finnish legislation shall be applied to these Terms of Use. You also gain access to the pages of foreign subsidiaries that belong to Technopolis Plc via our pages. Each country’s own laws and regulations are observed in their Terms of Use. By using such web pages, the user accepts these Terms of Use and agrees to observe them.

Technopolis maintains web pages and acts as their main updater. We ask you to present all observations and questions concerning our web pages in writing or electronically to the addresses mentioned below:

Technopolis Plc
Business ID: FI04874223
Postal address: Elektroniikkatie 8, FI-90590 OULU, FINLAND
Email: info@technopolis.fi



The material on Technopolis websites is protected by copyright in accordance with Finnish legislation and international agreements, and contains trademarks and logos protected by Technopolis. The material concerned must not be used by third parties for advertising purposes and must not be copied or downloaded in a manner that violates Technopolis’s copyright, copyright that applies to another operator, or other rights. No material included on web pages can be edited, used, presented, transferred or utilized in some other way for commercial purposes. Information on the websites can, however, be presented, stored and downloaded for non-commercial private use, provided that Technopolis and its web pages are mentioned as the source. Press releases published online by Technopolis are permitted for use in public communications, whereupon Technopolis and its web pages must be mentioned as the source.

All rights to such online materials, including copyright, are held by Technopolis or the companies belonging to the same Group and extend to the content, technical solutions or other materials produced thereby. The rights to programs used in the realization of the web pages are held by their licensees.

The user of these pages or third party shall not have the right to demand compensation or reimbursement from Technopolis for materials or content presented on the web pages concerned, or on the basis of their inaccuracy or other error/deficiency.


Limits on liability

The web pages and material included therein are presented ‘as is’. Technopolis shall not be liable for data security risks that may possibly be linked with the use of its web pages.

Technopolis endeavours to distribute only correct and reliable data but will not issue any guarantee regarding the accuracy or reliability of the information presented or acquired via these pages. Unless resulting from provision of law, Technopolis shall not be liable for the sort of direct or indirect damage potentially incurred to the user or third person from use of the web pages concerned or from prevented usage, delay or deficiency in the material included online.

The presentations of sites included on the web pages are not binding rental or sale offers made by Technopolis, nor should the user interpret any of the data appearing on the web pages concerned as anything of this kind. Technopolis always has the sole right to refuse to rent or sell a flat or other space presented on its web pages.

Technopolis web pages has links to external pages external to the website. Technopolis shall not be responsible for the updating of these third-party websites or publications or for the accuracy of the information presented on these websites, their operations or the products and services offered or mentioned on the web pages concerned.

Technopolis shall not be liable for any damage caused by malware which has remained on the web pages concerned as a result of abuse and which may infect the user’s computer, computer programs or data systems from the websites or materials therein. Technopolis shall not be responsible for the appropriate protection of the user’s computer or other device by which, for example, viruses or other malware are blocked.

Technopolis reserves the right to prevent the access of any user to its web pages.


Registration and handling of personal data

A register of users in connection with the use of the web pages is not maintained.

When the user makes contact with Technopolis by means of a web page or the contact information mentioned in its content, s/he becomes a client of Technopolis, and the user’s personal information may thereby be registered in a customer register separately maintained by Technopolis.

The principles and operational modes of the registration and handling of personal information contained in the customer register maintained by Technopolis are separately available on request from Technopolis. Contact concerning the right of inspection as intended by the Personal Data Act (Henkilötietolaki 523/1999) should be made in writing and delivered to Technopolis, address: Technopolis Plc, Elektroniikkatie 8, FI-90590 OULU, FINLAND.



This website uses ‘cookies’. Cookies are files that are stored on a computer whose user is using a browser. The use of cookies on these websites may ensure that the user’s language choices and possible order operations are stored correctly, for example. By means of cookies, data is collected on the total number of visitors and the information sought from the website. The purpose of such data collection is to develop Technopolis’s web pages and services. Targeted marketing campaigns may also be implemented on the websites for individuals who have visited our website earlier. Website visitor monitoring is realized by means of separate analytical tools.

If, in the settings of the user’s browser, the use of cookies is accepted and the user uses the website, the user accepts the use of cookies on the Technopolis website. If the user does not accept the use of cookies, s/he must either exit the web page or prevent the use of cookies in the browser settings separately.


Inception and changes to Terms of Use

These Terms of Use shall come into effect on 25 November 2015 and shall remain valid on a temporary basis.

Technopolis can, at any time, change these Terms of Use without separate notice. Changes to the Terms of Use shall come into effect in connection with the Technopolis change on the date specified. The user of the website accepts the changes as binding by using the web pages. Declaration of any of the Terms of Use to be illegal, invalid, void or non-executable in any respects shall not affect the Terms of Use in other respects.