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2010 Venture Capital Investments Dipped in Finland – New Year Shows Promise

TECHNOPOLIS PLC   PRESS RELEASE   February 17, 2011 at 10.00


2010 Venture Capital Investments Dipped in Finland – New Year Shows Promise


Technopolis Online has today released its annual report of Finnish high tech venture capital market. Report shows that Finnish high tech venture capital industry experienced significant slowdown in 2010. In 2010, there were 61 investments made into Finnish companies worth 92 million Euro. Compared to 2009, the number of investments dropped by 15% and the value of investments dropped by 21%. The fourth quarter of 2010 was one of the worst performing quarters in recent history when there were only 11 investments worth 9 million Euro.

Other key findings:

Only two industries raised more capital than previous year, mobile (+217%) and life sciences (+53%)

The average round size increased by 7% (from €1.40 million to €1.50 million)

The investment activity in 2010 decreased 21%, but international investors remained at the previous levels

Almost half of all investments were made into the first round (48%)

Helsinki Metropolitan Area companies were able to gather 71% of the total value invested in Finland and 57% of the deals

The first months of 2011 have been very upbeat. There have been already 6 investments worth 37 million Euro. With recently closed venture capital funds and positive outlook in macroeconomic environment, it is likely that 2011 will be much more active in venture capital financing than 2010.

All investors and investments into Finnish high-tech companies can be found

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