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Customers Report Good Experience of the Flexible Technopolis Business Lounge Service

TECHNOPOLIS PLC   PRESS RELEASE   December 11, 2012 at 9.00 a.m.

Customers Report Good Experience of the Flexible Technopolis Business Lounge Service

Technopolis launched a new office space leasing concept in early summer 2012. The Business Lounge space service makes it possible to lease space for occasional or short-term use. Customers pay for the use of space at hourly and monthly rates. The idea of the service is to respond to temporary space needs in a flexible and cost-efficient way.

Business Lounge customers have access to tidy, inspiring and comfortable work and meeting spaces. The service is available in eight Finnish cities and in Russia and Estonia. Thanks to the Business Lounge service, operations can be temporarily moved outside the regular office.

“Our office is located in Vantaa at Technopolis Aviapolis. Our sales and marketing employees often have meetings with customers and colleagues in downtown Helsinki. We have found it convenient to hold meetings in a room at Ruoholahti Business Lounge. By doing this, we can avoid having to commute between Vantaa and downtown Helsinki several times a day,” says Anni Rouvinen at Fira Oy.

Small companies may not necessarily have a need for regular space, or the company’s need for space may vary a lot. Needs can change due to the nature of business or changes in the number of employees. Temporary workers can be located in Business Lounge space, or it can function as a quiet room to extend the open-plan office.

”We have excellent and ample space at Technopolis Ruoholahti – we do not actually need any more space – what we do need is peace and quiet. We work in an open-plan office, so when we need a quiet place to focus on communicating with our customers, we book a space in the Business Lounge,” says Mika Ahokas at Dream Broker Oy.

Technopolis Business Lounge customers include several micro and small companies, but larger companies have also bought the service. The monthly lounge package is designed for customers with regular needs. The package includes a certain amount of hours in the lounge each month.

“The lounge is an excellent work space for a Technopolis tenant’s remote workers and visiting personnel. The companies can reserve their regular office space to those who work there daily. If necessary, the Business Lounge offers workspace for occasional use,” says Laura Krusius, who is in charge of the service at Technopolis.

Technopolis Business Lounge is a new space service that offers customers workspace at hourly and monthly rates. The customer pays for the space according to use. The service package includes a high-quality reception service, the modern Technopolis business environment and a range of other services that make work easier. Business Lounge is a good solution for business travelers, remote workers and visitors as a short-term workplace. Business Lounge is available at all Technopolis locations.

More information:
Laura Krusius, Head of Frontline Services, Technopolis
Tel. +358 400 142 273

Technopolis Plc is a listed real estate company that specializes in leasing space and providing services. Its core business idea is to combine business support services with modern, flexible, multi-user business environments. There are approximately 22,000 people and almost 1,400 companies and organizations in Technopolis premises in Finland, Russia, and Estonia. The company’s net sales for 2011 totaled EUR 92.8 million, and its EBITDA was EUR 47.5 million. The Technopolis Plc share (TPS1V) is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.