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Finnish Medicines Agency to Rent Permanent Facilities from Technopolis

TECHNOPOLIS OYJ         PRESS RELEASE             JANUARY 31, 2011 AT 11:00 AM


Finnish Medicines Agency to Rent Permanent Facilities from Technopolis

Based on an agreement between the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea and Senate Properties, Fimea will rent permanent facilities from Technopolis Kuopio. The premises cover a total area of 3,205 m2, which Fimea will occupy gradually over a transition period ending August 31, 2014. Fimea made the decision after a statement from the Cabinet Finance Committee of the Finnish Government.

Fimea currently operates out of temporary facilities at Technopolis Kuopio’s Microkatu facility. Starting May 16, 2011, Fimea will occupy additional facilities. “We have had very positive experiences with the customized premises and auxiliary services of Technopolis,” says Sinikka Rajaniemi, Director General of Fimea.

Fimea made its decision in collaboration with Senate Properties. Offers were evaluated based on overall cost-effectiveness, functionality, energy consumption and environmental performance, among other factors. Considering price and quality, Technopolis presented the most cost-efficient solution. “We are very pleased to be able to continue and expand our collaboration through long-term leases,” says Hannu Eronen, Director of Technopolis Kuopio.



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