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TECHNOPOLIS PLC		PRESS RELEASE		July 8th, 2009 at 3.45 p.m.


Technopolis Plc and M-Cloud, a spin-off of SmartPhoneLabs Partners (SPL), have
signed a binding pre-lease for the Technopolis Pulkovo technology center now
under construction in St. Petersburg. The five year lease covers an area of 500
square meters and is due to start June 1st, 2010. 

Vitaly Kunevich, M-Cloud's Chief Operations Officer:
“I really wish Technopolis was in the market two years ago, when we launched
M-Cloud's operations in St. Petersburg.  Back then we were looking for office
space and other infrastructure services that could accommodate the needs of our
rapidly growing technology company.  We have found that such a service offering
was simply unavailable, so we settled on a compromise solution.  Therefore,
today I am very glad to conclude a strategic agreement with Technopolis, which
provides us with technology-optimized world class office space, as well as a
range of other valuable services.  Having managed the operations of IT
start-ups for seven years, I can't wait to move in, since Technopolis is
exactly what we (and I am sure many other technology companies) require.” 

M-Cloud is a technology company providing content management services to
publishers of mobile content worldwide.  Since its founding in 2007, as a
spin-off of SPL Partners, M-Cloud has rapidly grown into a strategic partner of
major global publishers, such as Electronic Arts and Namco Bandai Networks. 
M-Cloud's goal is to create a global ecosystem for mobile content production
and distribution that would leverage digital distribution and retailing of
mobile content. 

M-Cloud has offices in London and St. Petersburg, and considers Technopolis a
new enabler for its efficient operations in Russia. 

"We are very glad to sign our first deal with a Russian hi-tech company. It is
especially important that, contrary to the local practice of signing leases a
month or two before building completion, a local company has demonstrated their
belief in our ability to deliver exceptional quality - and on time. 
This definitely sends a clear signal to all market players that a new standard
for innovative ecosystems has arrived", says Peter Coachman Managing Director
of Technopolis St. Petersburg. 

Technopolis CEO Keith Silverang echoes Coachman's enthusiasm. “Our investors
are going to be pleased as pink about this deal, since we have been cautioning
them that prelets are unlikely to be signed before the building gets close to
completion”, says Silverang. 

Phase 1 of the Technopolis Pulkovo technology center in St. Petersburg is due
for completion in spring 2010. The new center is being erected on a plot owned
by Technopolis St. Petersburg LCC near Pulkovo International Airport. The
estimated cost of the 24,100 square meter building is about EUR 50 million. 


Keith Silverang 

Additional information:

Keith Silverang, CEO, Technopolis Plc., phone +358 40 566 7785
Vitaly Kunevich, COO, M-Cloud Ltd., phone: +7 921 788 5885