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New Sustainability Targets and Five New LEED Buildings

TECHNOPOLIS PLC      PRESS RELEASE         August  22, 2013           10.15 a.m.

New Sustainability Targets and Five New LEED Buildings

Technopolis has updated its environmental strategy for 2011 – 2015 by adding new sustainability targets and extending it until 2016. In 2013 the company has achieved five new LEED certificates of which three are granted to existing buildings.

The main goals of our environmental strategy are to reduce the energy consumption of our buildings by 10%, water consumption by 8% and CO2 emissions by 20%. In 2012, Technopolis set new goals for waste: reducing landfilled waste by 10% and achieving a utilization ratio of at least 60%. In the first half of the year we were able to reduce energy consumption of our buildings by 1.3% and water by 16.3% compared to the baseline year 2011. CO2 emissions were down by 57.4% due to the company adopting “green electricity” in Finland. The Group’s waste utilization ratio was 58% and 70% in Finland at the end of 2012.Additional sustainability targets approved in 2013 include e.g. at least 75% recycling rate in all new construction and major renovation projects, participation in GRESB sustainability rating and reporting based on EPRA (European Real Estate Association) guidelines in addition to GRI.

The company has fifteen LEED registered projects and it has recently received three LEED certificates for Existing Buildings (EB): Operations & Maintenance. Gold level certificates were achieved in Innopoli 2 in Espoo and Elekroniikkatie 6 in Oulu and Silver level in Innova 1 in Jyväskylä. Success in the LEED rating is a challenge for existing buildings and it reflects the high quality of maintenance of the buildings. LEED EB rating system enables reduction of building’s environmental footprint and improves management of operational expenses.To receive a certificate a building must fulfill a set of environmental requirements, among others, for energy and water efficiency, procurement and waste management.

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Virve Valonen, Environmental & Sustainability Manager
Tel. +358 50 467 6014

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