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Scalable ICT Ready Office

TECHNOPOLIS PLC      PRESS RELEASE         September 26, 2013 at 2.15 p.m.

Scalable ICT Ready Office

Technopolis is expanding its service portfolio and is beginning to offer ICT as a Service. Customers will pay only for the services they need. The scalable ICT Ready Office concept allows Technopolis tenants to acquire the ICT services they need from a single channel at a competitive price.

Customers can acquire internet connections for their office space, switchboards, printing and scanning services, computers, telephones and other peripherals, in addition to IT support. The ICT Ready Office service model lets customers adjust their purchases according to their needs. Technopolis tenants will benefit from pre-negotiated services provided by Technopolis partners.

“We want our tenants to feel that it’s easy and efficient to work in our offices,” says Olli Rasia, Director of Services at Technopolis. “We asked our customers what services they needed and then we prepared a unique service solution based on their responses. Printing and IT support in particular were much requested, so we made it really easy to subscribe to and use them through our exclusive MyTechnopolis channel.

The service model reduces Technopolis tenants’ need to agree to long equipment leases or to buy their own equipment. It will also reduce maintenance costs and increase efficiency.

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More information:
Olli Rasia, Director of Services
Tel. +358 40 594 1123

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