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Subscription of Shares in Technopolis Plc Based on the 2007C Stock Options

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TECHNOPOLIS PLC      STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE            May 15, 2013 at 09.30 a.m.

Subscription of Shares in Technopolis Plc Based on the 2007C Stock Options

240,933 new Technopolis Plc’s shares have been subscribed on April 22, 2013 based upon the 2007C stock options of Technopolis Plc. The shares have been entered into the Trade Register today and public trading is expected to begin on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki as of May 16, 2013 together with the existing shares of the company.

The shares were subscribed at a price of EUR 1.892 per share. The aggregate subscription price for the shares amounted to EUR 455,845.24. The full amount will be recorded in the fund for unrestricted equity and thus, the share capital of the company will not change as a result of the subscription. The share capital of the company is EUR 96,913,626.29 and the new number of Technopolis shares is 75,886,398. The shares subscribed carry equal rights with the company’s existing shares as of today.

Each 2007C stock option entitles holders to subscribe 1.043 Technopolis shares. Based on the 2007C stock options, a maximum of 364,007 shares can still be subscribed. The share subscription period based on the 2007C stock options expires on April 30, 2014.

The terms and conditions of the 2007 stock option program are available at and they have also been published in the stock exchange release given on March 29, 2007.

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