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Technopolis Board to Continue Long-Term Share-Based Incentive Program for Key Personnel

TECHNOPOLIS PLC            STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE          DEC 17, 2014 AT 7.00 P.M.

Technopolis Board to Continue Long-Term Share-Based Incentive Program for Key Personnel

The Board of Directors of Technopolis Plc has decided to continue its long-term share-based incentive program for key personnel for 2015–2017. The plan was announced February 13, 2013. The aim of the plan is to support the implementation of the company’s strategy, align the goals of the shareholders and key personnel to increase the value of the company, and commit the key personnel by way of a reward plan based on share ownership.

The plan will be continued by a single three-year earnings period for 2015–2017. The Board will decide separately on the key personnel to be covered by the plan and the maximum reward for each employee. The Board will also decide on the earning criteria of the plan and related objectives.

The amount of the reward paid to a key employee depends on the achievement of the goals set in the earning criteria. The maximum reward of a key employee comprises both shares and cash. In total 780,000 shares can be granted under this plan. For the earning period 2015–2017 the maximum amount of shares is 260,000 and cash corresponding to the value of all shares conveyed at the time of registration. The cash part aims to cover the taxes and tax-related charges incurred to key employees due to the reward. The reward will be paid to the key employees after the end of the earning period by the end of April 2018. A restriction on assignability applies to the reward-related shares. The restriction is in force during the commitment period, which commences from the payment of the reward and ends on 30 April 2019. However, the restriction does not apply if a key person’s total ownership of shares, immediately before the transfer of the reward shares to the key personnel, exceeds the minimum threshold set by the Board for each personnel group.

Technopolis Plc has 106,511,632 shares as of December 17, 2014. The Group held 262,553 of own shares.

More detailed information on the share-based incentive program for 2013–2017 is available on the company website at

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