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Technopolis Concludes Significant Agreement with JOT Automation Ltd

TECHNOPOLIS PLC                                          PRESS RELEASE        October 27, 2011 at 10:10

Technopolis Concludes Significant Agreement with JOT Automation Ltd

JOT Automation Ltd (JOT) will rent 4,407 square meters of production and office facilities at Technopolis Oulu Lentokentäntie from December 2011. The lease will continue at least until fall 2015. The premises will contain JOT’s production, R&D and office facilities.

JOT Automation is one of the world’s leading suppliers of testing systems for the mobile phone and automotive industries. JOT is owned by Head Invest Ltd, which will merge the functions of its subsidiary Master Automation Group Ltd with JOT Automation Ltd.  JOT Automation Ltd is a production automation company established in 1988 by Veikko Lesonen, Chairman of the Board of Head Invest Ltd.

”Technopolis was able to offer the best premises for our company’s needs in the Oulu region. It is great that we will be able to concentrate all of JOT Automation’s functions under one roof and thereby utilize the entire skilled personnel of our company more efficiently,” says Mikko Sipilä, CEO of JOT Automation Ltd.

”Despite the turbulence of the world economy, there is a lot of positive development in the economy of the Oulu region, and the merger of Master Automation and JOT Automation is a good example of this. We are satisfied with being able to offer the emerging entity a favorable growth platform in a dynamic, full-service business environment,” says Juha Juntunen, Director of Technopolis Oulu.

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