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Technopolis Contributes to an International Investor Event in Espoo

TECHNOPOLIS PLC        PRESS RELEASE             JANUARY 27, 2011   AT 15:00 PM


Technopolis Contributes to an International Investor Event in Espoo

Record number of international investors attends Enterprise Finland Ventures Forum today in Espoo. The event organized by the Finnish Industry Investment, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes) and Finnvera, in co-operation with Technopolis, brings together the most promising Finnish technology growth companies and local and international venture capital investors.

At the event entrepreneurs present their cases and financing needs to the investors. Discussions continue in almost 130 pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings between the companies and the financiers.

“The event aims at increasing the visibility of Finnish growth companies among international venture capital investors. We are well on our way toward this goal: the participating investors represent 37 organizations, 18 of which are international,” says Karita Huotari, Head of Strategic Matchmaking Services at Technopolis.

The event has attracted investors from London and the Nordic countries, among other places, including players such as Accel Partners, DFJ Esprit and Index Ventures.The investment portfolio of Creandum, a Swedish venture capital firm, has included Finnish technology companies for many years now. “Many fascinating companies – such as Sulake, Rovio and Applifier – have emerged from Finland recently. We are continuously looking for new investment opportunities in Finland, which is why we came here to meet interesting and inspiring entrepreneurs,” says Daniel Blomquist from Creandum.

The keynote speakers at the event are Tapio Korjus from the National Elite Sport Development Committee and Ville Heijari from Rovio Mobile. Korjus is sharing his experiences on the similarities between elite sports and growth entrepreneurship, and Heijari updating on the journey of Angry Birds, a global success story from Finland.

Enterprise Finland Venture Forum is organized as a part of the Enterprise Finland service. The participants included 25 Finnish companies and investors representing 37 Finnish and international financiers. More information, including a list of participating companies, is available at


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