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Technopolis Executes Tohloppi Acquisition Deal in Tampere

TECHNOPOLIS PLC      STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE              October 17, 2012 at 4.30 p.m.

Technopolis Executes Tohloppi Acquisition Deal in Tampere

Technopolis and Yleisradio (Finland’s national public broadcasting company – Yle) have signed a contract to acquire the Yle Tohloppi complex in the Finnish city of Tampere. The total investment is approximately EUR 23.3 million, including a 4% transfer tax. The acquisition is expected to increase Technopolis’ 2012 net sales by approximately EUR 0.9 million, its EBITDA by approximately EUR 0.5 million and its operating profit by approximately EUR 0.3 million.

Yle and the Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) will stay on as tenants with 20 year leases. For the first two years the minimum occupancy rate will be 100%. After that the minimum occupancy rate will decrease gradually to 81.4% in year 11 of the lease where it will remain until the lease ends in 2032. The goal of the parties is to fill freed up space with new media customers and create a dynamic multimedia campus. So far, 40 companies have signed expressions of interest in the campus.

The campus land plot is owned by the City of Tampere with a 50 year lease that has been transferred to Technopolis as part of the deal. Its size is 85,000 sqm and rentable space is approximately 32,000 sqm.  The land has approximately 15,000 sqm in building rights.

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