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Technopolis MoneyTalks® Forum Wins International Acclaim

TECHNOPOLIS PLC                                          PRESS RELEASE        October 12, 2011 at 13:45


Technopolis MoneyTalks® Forum Wins International Acclaim

The Technopolis MoneyTalks® Forum corporate financing matchmaking event won the Access to Finance category of the Enterprise Europe Network Best Practice Awards 2011. The winner was announced on September 28 at the network’s annual conference in Warsaw.

The business financing event, arranged by Technopolis since 2007, was considered an excellent concept for promoting networking between SMEs and venture capitalists and acquisition of capital financing for companies by Europe’s largest international network of parties engaged in business development.

MoneyTalks® Forum ranked the best among an extensive range of candidates, which all of the approximately 600 organizations in the Enterprise Europe Network could present. SME business financing has become one of the most topical themes related to the growth and success of SMEs at the EU level.

“Increasing awareness of the event in the European business financing market as a result of winning the competition will create even better opportunities for Technopolis to increasingly attract international investors as well as foreign companies to invest in,” says Karita Huotari, Head of Strategic Matchmaking Services at Technopolis.

MoneyTalks® Forum is arranged as part of Technopolis matchmaking services twice a year. During its history, the MoneyTalks® Forum has had, on average, 150 one-on-one meetings between entrepreneurs and investors per event, along with several meetings between companies. The business ideas with the most potential will also be given an opportunity to give seven-minute pitches to all investors. With the Enterprise Europe Network and the expansion of the Technopolis group, the event will also become increasingly international.


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