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Technopolis Online Reports: Blockbuster Venture Capital Market in Finland in H1 2011

TECHNOPOLIS PLC   PRESS RELEASE   September 1, 2011 at 10.00


Technopolis Online Reports: Blockbuster Venture Capital Market in Finland in H1 2011

Technopolis Online has today released a report on the Finnish venture capital market for the first half of 2011. During the period, the Finnish venture capital environment saw a significant increase in activity, especially from international investors. Finnish companies were able to attract more capital than in all of 2010, especially into later stage investments. Gaming was the most noteworthy industry from financing perspective, lead by Rovio with its 30 million euro round plus investments into four other gaming companies.

Key highlights:

VCs invested 112m Euros into Finnish companies, which is a 113% increase over H1 2010

Most of the investments were made in the second round which totaled 58,7m Euro

International VCs invested more capital than Finnish VCs (71,3m vs 34,2m Euro)

The Helsinki Metropolitan Area attracted 95% of funding and 69% of investments

The mobile sector attracted the most capital,35,1m Euro

Nano industry investments grew the most, a 1492% increase

“It has been a great first half,” says Technopolis’ Jukka Jokinen. “Later stage investments were large, but early stage investment activity was under-represented by traditional standards. However, it is great to see international top-level VCs and business angels investing in Finland. Only couple of years ago there was no chance that these players would invest in Finland, but now they are active and investing in rounds and companies which are small by their standards.”

All investors and investments into Finnish high-tech companies can be found

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