Technopolis Plc: Acquisition of Own Shares January 16, 2015

Changes in company’s own shares


Technopolis Plc Stock Exchange Release
16.1.2015 at 18.30
Technopolis Plc: Acquisition of  Own Shares January 16, 2015
Date 16.1.2015
Exchange transaction Buy
Share class TPS1V
Amount 24 447 shares
Average price/share 3,6975 EUR
Highest price/share 3,78 EUR
Lowest price/share 3,60 EUR
Total price 90 392,78 EUR
The shares held by Technopolis Plc on 16.1.2015:
TPS1V 690 000 shares
On behalf of Technopolis Plc
Nordea Bank Finland Plc
Janne Sarvikivi Julius Summanen