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Technopolis Plc: Listing of Technopolis 2007B Stock Options to the Stock Exchange

TECHNOPOLIS PLC     STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE        April 19, 2011 at 9:00


Technopolis Plc: Listing of Technopolis 2007B Stock Options to the Stock Exchange

The subscription period for the 2007B stock options decided upon by the Annual General Meeting of Technopolis Plc on March 22, 2005 commences in accordance with the option program’s terms and conditions on May 1, 2011 and Technopolis has applied for entry of the 2007B stock options on the trading list of the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki exchange as of May 2, 2011. The Financial Supervision Authority has granted Technopolis an exemption from the duty to prepare a listing particular when listing the options (Dnro 7/212/2010).

The options are part of the incentive program targeted at the key personnel. The total number of 2007B stock options is 550,000. Each stock option entitles its holder to subscribe for 1.043 Technopolis Plc share. In connection with the share subscription the total amount of shares subscribed by a holder of stock options will be rounded down to whole shares and the total subscription price will be calculated by using the rounded number of shares and rounded to the nearest whole cent. The maximum number of new shares to be subscribed for by the options is 573,650 shares, with a nominal dilution effect of 0.9 %.

The share subscription price with the 2007B stock options is EUR 4,933 per share. The share subscription period begins on May 1, 2011 and will end on April 30, 2013. Share subscriptions can be made with the stock options at the banks belonging to the OP-Pohjola Bank Group and in the offices of Helsinki OP Bank Plc.

The subscribed shares carry the right to dividends and other shareholder rights when the share capital increase has been entered in the trade register. The amendments to the terms and conditions of the option program have been disclosed by a stock exchange release on 28 April, 2008.

During the subscription period the instructions for share subscription and the terms and conditions of 2007B stock options will be available on OP-Pohjola Group’s web page


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