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Technopolis Receives Two New LEED-Certificates

TECHNOPOLIS PLC                  PRESS RELEASE         November 15, 2012 at 3.45 p.m.


Technopolis Receives Two New LEED-Certificates

Technopolis has received two new LEED-certificates in Finland for our internationally outstanding environmental performance. The second phase of Innova in Jyväskylä received a platinum certificate in October and the second phase of Ruoholahti earned a gold certificate in November. Innova 2 is the first building in Finland to use geothermal energy harnessed with energy piles in the ground.

Ruukki Construction and Uponor provided energy piles, and Are Ltd. provided the Sensus low-energy panels which helped Innova 2 to achieve the LEED platinum-level. It is the second building in Finland to do so.

To reach the platinum level, a building must excel in energy efficiency and location. In addition, Technopolis invested in further efficiency measures: water-efficient fixtures, efficient waste management, renewable energy, and electric vehicle charging stations. It has been estimated that approximately 50% of heating energy and as much as 40% of cooling energy will be saved in Innova 2, with a subsequent reduction in the building’s carbon footprint of almost half.

– Building ratings help manage maintenance costs throughout the life cycle of a building. LEED-rated buildings consume less energy and water, and have better indoor air quality than standard buildings, explains Virve Riihonen, Technopolis Environmental Manager.


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