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Technopolis Signs a Significant Contract with Renesas Mobile Europe

TECHNOPOLIS PLC         PRESS RELEASE             February 9, 2011 at 09:00 AM


Technopolis Signs a Significant Contract with Renesas Mobile Europe

Technopolis has signed a significant lease contract with Renesas Mobile Europe Oy. Renesas Mobile Europe Oy will lease at the latest from December 2011 almost 11,700 square meters with the lease contract of several years in Linnanmaa, Oulu. In addition to the premises, the contract includes Technopolis business services. In addition to Oulu, Renesas Mobile Europe Oy has a contract with the Technopolis Tampere office. The contract in Tampere concerns two business premises, in total 1,300 square meters, in Hermia.

Japanese Renesas Electronics Corporation acquired the wireless modem functions of Nokia Corporation in 2010. With this transaction the whole wireless modem unit and its employees were transferred to Renesas Electronics. Renesas Mobile Europe has now almost 470 employees in Oulu and more than 70 employees in Tampere. “Our operations have started well in the Technopolis facilities and we are happy about the recent contract and services agreed with Technopolis,” says Heikki Tenhunen, the CEO of Renesas Mobile Europe Oy.

”The contract with Renesas Mobile Europe on the premises and services in the Elektroniikkatie facilities is an important continuation of agreement not only to the Technopolis Oulu unit but also to the whole City of Oulu, since Renesas commits to the long-term development of modems in our area,” says Juha Juntunen, Director of Technopolis Oulu. “In Tampere we are very happy about that we are again able to get a new international top company to Tampere,” says Satu Eskelinen, Director of Technopolis Tampere.


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