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TECHNOPOLIS PLC   PRESS RELEASE   November 1, 2010 at 1.15 p.m.


Technopolis Tampere has been awarded WWF's Green Office label and certificate.
The premises' environmental system met the WWF Green Office criteria in an
expert audit performed in October 2010. 

Technopolis Tampere made an agreement with WWF about a year ago with the aim of
winning Green Office certification. The WWF Green Office is an environmental
service that helps workplaces reduce their environmental load, achieve cost
savings and slow down climate change. 
"During the last year, we have established a practical environmental system in
Tampere, and the results are significant: we've increased our energy savings,
reduced our consumption of materials - especially paper - and made our
recycling more effective," says Arttu Kalliovalkama, Key Account Manager at
Technopolis Tampere. 

Kalliovalkama emphasizes that the Green Office criteria are not meant to make
people's lives more difficult but to help people notice how consumption can be
reduced with simple everyday actions. "At its most concrete, we in Tampere have
been able to influence consumption by, for example, setting two-sided
grey-scale printing as the default setting for our printers. Another important
thing is that the last one to leave turns the lights off." 
At Technopolis Tampere, environmental values extend outside one's own premises
as well, as environmental certificates will also be checked when purchasing
office supplies, for example. 

Green Technopolis creates environmental values and principles for sustainable

The Green Technopolis project began in spring 2010. A key part of the project
is to develop an extensive operating model for the Technopolis Group that
encompasses environmental values and principles for sustainable development.
"The Tampere Green Office project was a valuable pilot. The goals of Green
Technopolis extend from the strategic level to operations. We will complete the
Technopolis Group's environmental strategy during the fall. It will meet market
challenges and prepare for requirements imposed by society and legislation,"
says Kari Kokkonen, Director, Real Estate Operations at Technopolis. 

"As a practical measure, we already have the first LEED certification underway
in Helsinki-Vantaa. It has shown that the Technopolis concept can be certified
without any special changes," says Kokkonen. He also explains that LEED
(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is one of the most
internationally known and commonly used independent systems for classifying the
energy efficiency of buildings. "Technopolis takes its social responsibility
seriously and aims to be among the pioneers of environmental matters in the
premises market," says Kokkonen. 

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Key Account Manager
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Kari Kokkonen
Director, Real Estate Operations
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