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Technopolis Wins Teknologiasta Tuotteiksi Foundation Award

TECHNOPOLIS PLC                                          PRESS RELEASE         November 3, 2011 at 12:00


Technopolis Oyj palkittiin Teknologiasta Tuotteiksi -säätiön tunnustuspalkinnolla


The Teknologiasta Tuotteiksi Foundation has granted Technopolis a EUR 15,000 award at the annual real estate industry seminar in Aulanko.

According to the Foundation, Technopolis has successfully created a service concept that integrates customers, support services, and modern premises with high-quality, energy-efficient business environments. “In addition to the strong concept, Technopolis’ successful internationalization in Russia and Estonia were essential contributors to the award,” says Mika Halttunen, Chairman of the Board of Teknologiasta Tuotteiksi Foundation.

“The key ingredient in the success of our service concept is close interaction between the company’s strategy and operational execution. This work has made particularly strong progress since 2008, when Keith Silverang joined the company as the CEO and I took over as Chairman of the Board. We are very pleased that the fruits of our successful team work during the last few years have been noticed outside the company. This award is living proof of that,” says Pertti Huuskonen, Chairman of the Board of Technopolis Plc.

Established in 1994, the aim of Teknologiasta Tuotteiksi Foundation is to grant companies, institutions, and private individuals awards for their achievements. Prizes are awarded by the foundation’s Board of Directors. The board consists of the representatives of the following organizations: Finpro, Finnvera, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Foundation for Finnish Inventions, SITRA, Tekes, the Ministry of the Environment, the Municipality of Iitti, and Halton Ltd.

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