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Technopolis has sold operations of Jyväskylä on 30.11.2017. Read more.

Technopolis Jyväskylä leases smart office space in Jyväskylä at the Innova, Viveca, and Ylistönmäki Business Parks. The office spaces are located close to university innovation centers and the city center of Jyväskylä – in the vicinity of the beautiful Jyväsjärvi lake. The central location of the business parks and the multitude of industries, ranging from cyber security to sports research, offer companies ideal premises for growth. Jyväskylä is the second most popular moving destination in Finland and home to a multitude of academic experts.

Available office spaces - Jyväskylä

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At the Innova Business Park, you can feel the pulse of the city of Jyväskylä. The office spaces are located in the heart of Jyväskylä on the …


At the Ylistönmäki Business Park, you are literally on top of things. Rising on a hill, the office space and meeting rooms at the Ylistönmäki and Ylistönrinne …