Workspace Earthquake


You never see
the full iceberg

The world of work has changed for good. Markets are getting more volatile and visibility is poor. Companies need to develop strategies and mechanisms that enable them to react rapidly for the unexpected.

A battle for talent: form a people company

The increasing shortage of talented people is requiring companies to move the employee to the center.


What do employees need in order to work?

  • Bare-bones tools
  • Desk, chair, phone & computer
  • Employee is truly a cog


What do employees need in order to work better and faster?

  • Slight improvements to get more out of people
  • Employee optimization
  • Repeatable processes


How can we make employees happy so they perform better?

  • Annual survey
  • Focus on culture
  • Company has a mission statement


How can we create
a company where
people want to show
up, rather than needing
to show up?

  • Focus on culture, technology and space
  • Purposeful design
  • Long-term approach
  • Company has a reason for existing

Innovate or bust

Innovative new business & operating models have enabled small start-ups to disrupt complete industries. The physical and digital workplace has a key role in nurturing innovation.

Workplace choice improves the employee experience

Employees who have a choice in when, where, and how to work have higher levels of satisfaction, innovation, and job performance.

Agility is the name of the game

THE OFFICE AS A LIVING ORGANISM: To adjust to rapidly changing needs for space, the modern workspace needs to provide the possibility to expand and contract as required.

WORK WHENEVER, WHEREVER: Many globally operating companies have a decentralized approach. Enabling employees to work wherever increases productivity, flexibility and employee satisfaction.

Data enables value

We make data work for better work. Data helps us to optimize the use of space, to understand the needs of workspace users and effectively match them to existing and newly developed services.

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