Sustainability is a cornerstone of our operations. It consists of financial, social, and environmental responsibility. Sustainable operations result in minimum environmental impacts, increase fairness and people’s well-being and are financially profitable.

Sustainable values help us grow our operations profitably and responsibly in the long term. We want to take the sustainability-related objectives of our stakeholders into account and co-operate actively to promote them.

Technopolis aims to offer its customers increasingly environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient business environments. Eco-efficiency is an increasingly important criterion for many of our customers when they are choosing premises.

Sustainability is an essential competitive factor for Technopolis. As part of environmental responsibility, Technopolis aims at reporting environmental KPIs regarding its buildings, such as CO2 emissions, energy and water consumption, and other environmental indicators related to Technopolis own operations as a company.

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Eco-efficient and functioning facilities

Our ecological facilities and services allow your company to build sustainability into your corporate image. You can focus on your core competencies and enjoy the eco-friendly environment.

We have chosen the international LEED building rating system to measure the environmental performance of our buildings. We are also pursuing the Green Office label granted by WWF Finland for our own Technopolis offices, of which all nine have received the label already in Finland. We support our customers in their green projects, such their pursuit of the WWF Green Office label.

We conduct energy audits, renew our energy certificates and constantly develop our waste management. Managing the buildings’ technical condition, energy efficiency, low- flow water fixtures and efficient waste management will pay themselves back in no time and reduce the environmental impact.

Energy-efficient facilities are healthy and safe. Sufficient air rates, low-emission materials, regular cleaning of the air vents and high-quality cleaning services always ensure good indoor air quality, thus improving the job satisfaction.

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Sustainability is an important part of our services

Technopolis aims at increasing its offering of green services and thereby supporting the green projects in our customers’ offices. On our Finnish campuses we offer electricity from 100% renewable energy sources and environmentally-labeled office paper. Our Video Conferencing Services, as well as business lounge workstations on our campuses will save you time, money, and environmental impacts of travel. In our meeting rooms we favor energy-efficient lighting and automated on-demand ventilation with CO2 sensors.

We require environmental and quality plans from all Technopolis restaurant operators, as well as our cleaning and property management partners. Our cleaners use eco-labeled products where possible and other waterless cleaning options. Also our car wash service avoids unnecessary consumption of water. On some of our campuses you can also find car rental and electric vehicle charging stations.

We offer also community responsible services, such as funding and matchmaking services, Talent Match and wellbeing services from hair salon to massage, which either create new jobs or improve personnel’s performance.