Alkaa 9.10.2019 11.30
Päättyy 10.10.2019 18.00
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Technopolis Yliopistonrinne ja Technopolis Innopoli 1

Nordic Business Forum Live Stream (Espoo ja Tampere)

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Building leaders who change the world


Technopolis proudly presents:

Nordic Business Forum 2019 Live Stream is shown at Technopolis Innopoli 1, Espoo and Technopolis Yliopistonrinne, Tampere. Join our live stream event on 9.-10.10.2019. You will hear the world’s brightest minds & future business leaders.

Espoo Technopolis Innopoli 1, Galileo (Tekniikantie 12, Espoo)
Tampere Technopolis Yliopistonrinne, Häggman (Kalevantie 2, Tampere)

Tallinn (UMA Maakri), register here
Vilnius Technopolis Gama, register here

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The event is free of charge and open for all companies, registration is required. Book you seat now. You can modify your registration info later.

Who’s speaking in Nordic Business Forum 2019?

Become inspired, acquire new ideas, and build valuable networks. There is an impressive speaker lineup:


  • George Clooney – Academy Award-winning Actor
    A conversation on storytelling, branding and legacy
  • Randi Zuckerberg – Founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media
    Dot Complicated: What I Learned on the Front Lines of Social Media
  • Sara Blakely – Spanx Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    How to find your idea for growth?
  • Don Miller – CEO of StoryBrand
    How the Power of Story Can Grow Your Business
  • Carla Harris – Managing Director at Morgan Stanley
    Strategize to Win


  • Steve Wozniak – The Most Iconic Silicon Valley Founder, Co-founder of Apple & Inventor
    A Conversation on Creativity, Innovation and Technology
  • Daniel Pink – Bestselling Author
    The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing
  • Alex Osterwalder – Co-founder of Strategyzer
    The Invincible Company: Closing the Innovation Culture Gap
  • Juliet Funt – CEO at WhiteSpace at Work
    The Strategic Pause
  • Costas Markides – Professor at the London Business School
    Innovation as a Springboard to Success


  • Brené Brown – Research Professor at the University of Houston
    Dare to Lead

Speaker Profiles and Program here .




’s passion is to help companies grow through clarity in accounting, finance and HR.


The schedule and topics are preliminary and directional – changes are possible. 

  • Technopolis Innopoli 1
    Tekniikantie 12
    02150 Espoo
    +358 46 712 1004


    Ma-Pe 8.00-17.00

  • Technopolis Innopoli 2
    Tekniikantie 14
    02150 Espoo
    +358 40 179 0050


    Ma-Pe 8.00-17.00

  • Technopolis Innopoli 3
    Vaisalantie 2-8
    02130 Espoo
    +358 40 523 2686


    Ma-Pe 8.00-17.00

  • Technopolis Innopoli 4
    VTT FutureHub
    Tekniikantie 21
    02150 Espoo
    +358 20 722 111
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