TECHNOPOLIS PRESS RELEASE    MAY 20, 2010, at 13:50 


Technopolis and Greater Helsinki Promotion announced today the launch of the
Helsinki International VC Zone, an initiative aimed to providing top-tier,
technology-focused international VCs with an easier way to conduct business in
the Nordic Countries and find interesting companies for potential investments
and/or partnerships. 

At the VC Zone, international venture capital companies are provided with
arranged meetings with pre-screened companies to add to their own agenda; full
subscription to Technopolis Online - a leading English-language Finnish market
intelligence service; access and visibility to the world-class MoneyTalks™
VC/Angel pitching events as a VC partner; and access to furnished offices
during their visits to Finland. The services provided by the Technopolis Oyj
and Greater Helsinki Promotion Ltd. partnership are free of charge. 

By lowering the barriers for screening, analyzing, executing and managing deals
in Finland, VC Zone aims to create a service that facilitates the setting up of
operations by international technology-focused venture capitalists, so that
they will become more active in the Finnish market. “The highlight of
Technopolis' approach is its laser focus on creating the most efficient process
possible to help VCs analyze and process deal flow in Finland.  The goal is to
see an ecosystem develop where local and international VCs are routinely
networking with entrepreneurs to create more growth stage investment into
Finnish companies,” says Will Cardwell, Head of Aalto University Center for
Entrepreneurship and member of the board of directors for Technopolis Ventures. 

Technopolis and Greater Helsinki Promotion are confident that the VC Zone will
help to create long-lasting investment partnerships that benefit investors by
introducing them to Finland's most promising high-tech start-up and growth
companies, and in turn, make young Finnish companies grow into global players.
“Building a vibrant business ecosystem in the Greater Helsinki region will
boost business for all of Finland in the long run,” says Tatu Laurila, CEO of
Greater Helsinki Promotion. 

While Helsinki might be the starting point, it is obvious that the VC will look
into the Finnish deal flow as a whole. “It is great to have the VC Zone as a
base while in Finland and to have the support of Technopolis and Greater
Helsinki Promotion. There's a positive buzz going on in the start-ups and
growth companies in Finland, and we are looking forward to our trip to the
Helsinki area again this summer to meet with several of the most promising
companies,” says Andrea Traversone of Amadeus Capital, a UK-based company. 

For additional information about VC Zone contact:

Karita Huotari, Head of Strategic Matchmaking Services at Technopolis. 
Email: karita.huotari@technopolis.fi 
tel. +358 40 579 8757.

For inquiries about making a booking with the Helsinki International VC Zone at
Technopolis Innopoli, please contact: 

Olli Pölönen
Email: olli.polonen@technopolis.fi 
tel. +358 40 352 0010.

Mr. Will Cardwell, Head of Aalto University Center for Entrepreneurship, +358
40 514 1325 

Mr. Tatu Laurila, CEO, Greater Helsinki Promotion, tel. +358 40 564 3024
Technopolis Plc is a leading listed company specializing in business
environments and services for knowledge-based companies. The Technopolis
service portfolio combines business and development services as well as modern
facilities. At present, approximately 16,000 people work and almost 1,200
companies do business at Technopolis facilities in Oulu, the Helsinki
Metropolitan Area, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Lappeenranta, and Tampere, as well as St.
Petersburg, Russia. Technopolis Plc is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. 

Greater Helsinki Promotion Ltd. (GHP) enables dynamic international companies
to create success within Finland's high-value business ecosystem. GHP is owned
by the cities of the capital region. Helsinki Business Hub is the heart of
business in Northern Europe. Strategically located between East and West,
Helsinki has a highly educated workforce supported by an advanced
infrastructure in a sustainable environment. www.helsinkibusinesshub.fi 

MoneyTalks™ Forum is a matchmaking event designed to give international venture
capital investors a fast track to meet the top high-tech and technology-based
start-up and growth companies in Finland.  The MoneyTalks™ Forum's long history
helping companies meet to create successful partnerships and investments makes
it the perfect launch pad for the new VC Zone 


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