TECHNOPOLIS PLC   PRESS RELEASE   October 18, 2010 at 09:00 a.m.


The Nokia Technopolis Innovation Mill initiative has won the main prize in the
Community category of the Productive Idea 2010 competition, which gives
recognition to innovations and new ideas. The award ceremony was held on
Saturday in Mariehamn. The Innovation Mill initiative, launched in May 2009,
aims to strengthen Finland's ICT cluster and help Finnish ideas reach
international markets through funding and productization. So far the programme
has created more than 100 new jobs and 18 new companies in Finland, and has
raised roughly 10 million euros in venture capital funding. 

Through the ideas contributed by Nokia, the business development services
offered by Technopolis as well as funding from Tekes and participating Finnish
cities, the three-year programme has succeeded in building a new operations
model for the creation of new companies, products and services. The judges of
the Productive Idea competition thought the initiative reflected a new means to
stimulate profitable entrepreneurship, and they hope to see the idea spread to
the innovation departments of other companies as well. 

The annual Productive Idea competition, held since 1977, aims to promote
innovation and new business ideas as well as emphasize the key role they play
in societal development. The objective is to raise appreciation for
entrepreneurial ventures and highlight the importance of creative ideas and
risk-taking decision makers to the national economy and welfare. The winning
idea may be a new product, service, production method, operations model,
concept, or business idea. 

”Winning the main prize in the Productive Idea 2010 competition is a great
acknowledgment for the whole initiative. It proves that an operations model
such as ours truly has the ability to create new, profitable services and
products as well as develop the strong ICT cluster in Finland. Nokia wishes to
offer support to Finnish ICT companies by helping them to be competitive on an
international scale. Nokia challenges other large companies to join
collaborative initiatives of this kind, because they benefit the community as a
whole,” says Mr. Esko Aho, Nokia's Executive Vice President, Corporate
Relations and Responsibility. 

Nokia's role in the initiative is to contribute ideas to participating
companies, which may either already be in operation or just starting up. 
The three-year initiative aims to create a total of one hundred corporate

The Nokia Technopolis Innovation Mill initiative is the result of co-operation
between Nokia, Tekes, which grants funding and Technopolis, which acts as
coordinator. The programme offers Finnish companies everything they need to
develop a business idea from the innovation itself to a suitable operating
environment and funding solutions. Ten Finnish cities are also participating in
the initiative, with the objective of strengthening entrepreneurship in their
local area. 

“When processing the applications for the Innovation Mill, we use a quick,
straightforward initiative model with minimal bureaucracy. This way we can make
funding decisions within a week of receiving the application,” says Juha
Tanskanen, Senior Technology Adviser at Tekes. 
The ambitious objective of the Innovation Mill initiative is to get large
Finnish companies from other trades to join in. According to calculations by
Tekes and Technopolis, during the three-year initiative, it would be possible
to create as many as 100 new corporate projects in Finland if other Finnish
companies were to join the initiative and respond to Nokia's challenge to take
social responsibility in a new way. 

According to Keith Silverang, the CEO of Technopolis, the initiative has
already proven that an idea that might go unnoticed in a large company can, in
the right hands and with adequate support, turn into an interesting and
productive business activity. 

”Nokia's commitment during the launch of the initiative had a huge impact on
the success of the whole programme. Now it is time to challenge other large
companies in Finland to join. We believe that together we can develop a
nationwide enthusiasm for the initiative. A cooperation model such as the Nokia
Technopolis Innovation Mill is a unique concept, in which funding and
productization work efficiently and quickly, in the long run creating new
Finnish success stories,” says Silverang. 

The Nokia Technopolis Innovation Mill initiative has led to 24 positive funding
decisions so far, and aims to produce another 10 by May 2011. 

Contact information:

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