Technopolis Plc is commencing preparations for a technology center project for
Moscow. The company has signed a memorandum of understanding with the City of
Moscow on collaboration aiming at the establishment of a technology center in
the Russian capital. 

Moscow offers a fast-growing and extremely interesting operating environment
for the high tech industry, attracting existing high tech businesses and
facilitating the emergence of new ones at an accelerating pace. Pertti
Huuskonen, President and CEO of Technopolis, says that this creates an
increasing demand for technology centers of international standard and the
services offered by them. 

Huuskonen sees collaboration with the City of Moscow as a natural move. He
underlines that Technopolis already has long experience of different forms of
successful collaboration with Finnish cities. Preparation of the technology
center together with the City of Moscow thus fits perfectly with the
Technopolis's way of operating. 

"The memorandum of understanding marks the take-off for more specific planning
for the new technology center.  For example, we will now be able to examine and
determine different location options for the center," says President and CEO

The intention is also to determine what size and business orientation the
technology center should have in order to best meet the needs of the Moscow

Additional information:

Technopolis Plc,
Pertti Huuskonen, President and CEO, tel. +358 400 680816

In terms of the number of clients, Technopolis Plc is one of Europe's largest
technology centers. It is also Finland's largest company that specializes in
providing operating environments for high tech companies and offers a
comprehensive service package combining modern premises and business and
development services. Technopolis operates in Espoo, Jyväskylä, Lappeenranta,
Oulu, Tampere and Vantaa, Finland and in St. Petersburg, Russia. Some 12,500
people from 1,000 companies are currently working in its technology centers.
The company's shares are quoted on the mid-cap list of the Nordic Exchange.