Technopolis Launches a New Service to Attract International Investors and Releases Q3 Report on Finnish VC Industry

Technopolis Plc		Press Release	October 16, 2009 at 3.00 p.m.

Technopolis Launches a New Service to Attract International Investors and
Releases Q3 Report on Finnish VC Industry 

Technopolis is launching a new service, Technopolis Online, which will increase
the attractiveness and the visibility of Finnish high tech companies and create
a window for investors to easily find potential Finnish investment targets. In
conjunction, Technopolis is releasing its Q3 report on the state of the Finnish
venture capital market. 

Technopolis Online is a world class tool for international investors to find,
contact and invest in Finnish high-tech companies. The database contains over
1,500 high tech companies, 155 investors and over 2,300 key people from the
Finnish High-Tech ecosystem, which ranks at the top of innovation economies
around the world. The key feature is the Investment Tracker, which currently
lists investments, both public and private, into Finnish high tech companies
from 1999 to today. 

Will Cardwell, Director of Technopolis Development Services is clearly excited
about the new service. “We started working on Technopolis Online more than a
year ago with a goal to create the best information source about the Finnish
high tech environment for international and local investors, as well as
entrepreneurs. Inbound and outbound transparency is our singular goal, and we
believe that transparency itself will lead to more international success for
Finnish companies.” 

A beta version of Technopolis Online was launched in April 2009: “During the
closed beta, we've had more than 30 international investors testing Technopolis
Online from over ten different countries. The feedback has been tremendous and
has already resulted in a few investment cases”, Cardwell continues.  For
example, Nic Brisbourne of DFJEsprit in London says: “Technopolis Online is one
of the best tools we have seen for building visibility for local tech markets.
We use it for our initial screens on potential investment opportunities in

One crucial element to increase the investments into Finland is to improve the
fundability of companies. Technopolis has teamed up with Datamonitor's Ovum and
Business Insights databases to give Finnish companies access to world class
reports and tools. With Technopolis Online, companies will get access to
hundreds of reports from different high tech industries, which are worth
thousands of Euros. 

Q3 Report on Finnish Venture Capital Market

The Technopolis Online Q3 report is a digest of all investment activities that
happened in Finland during the past quarter. The key point that the Q3 report
highlights is that the amount of financing that companies raised during the
last quarter was significantly less than a year ago. In Q3 2009, companies were
able to raise slightly over 8 million euros, while a year ago the number was
€19.3 million, which amounts to an almost 58% drop. 

Finnish companies reported only two minor investments during August, leading
the month to be one of the lowest months recorded in the history of venture
capital in Finland. A positive signal was increased investment activity in
September 2009 (€7.3 million) when compared to September 2008 (€5 million). It
was the first month since April 2009 that performed better than the same month
a year earlier. 

Technopolis Online is accessible at www.technopolisonline.com.


Artur Surov, Business Development Advisor, Technopolis Development Services
+358 41 501 0732, artur.surov@technopolis.fi

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